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The Songbird Pride

A wild NFT charity project on the Songbird Network. The Songbird Pride is a community of people that want real change to the situation for some of the animals that are close to extiction. Together we make sure we do our part in the fight for the survival of African wildlife!


Physical, meet digital

Every artpiece is carefully handpainted by the artist TokenPanda, an experienced artist, and a well known figure in the Songbird NFT Community. The art is later professionally photographed and made digital. Traits and rarities are added digitally to create thousands of unique pieces.

The collections


Proud & Strong

The first collection, Proud & Strong, is of an African Lion. The proud and strong creature sets fear into the hearts of all that oppose him. A true protector of The Songbird Pride!


Powerful beings

The second collection, the powerful African Elephant. Wise and strong, this intelligent animal could at first glance look like a gentle giant. But beware, the power of the elephant is unmatched on the African Savanna!


The Final Charge

Last but not least, the great and powerful Rhinoceros! This will conclude the three collections with this magnificent creature. With a speed of 50 km/h, you'd better run fast!


Lion Pride Membership

Lion Pride Membership is granted to anyone holding a Lion NFT from the first collection. You're now family. The Pride takes care of it's own and you will be guaranteed additional NFT drops.Every Lion Pride Member will get 1 NFT from the second collection (Elephants) and 2 NFTs from the third collection (Rhinos)Join the Lion Pride and become Family!

Elephant Herd Membership

The Elephant Herd Membership is granted to anyone that does not have a Lion Pride Membership. It is given to the members that mint a NFT from the second collection (Elephants).Every Elephant Herd Member is given a free NFT from the third collection (Rhinos) for every NFT they have from the second collection.If you did not get a Lion, you're still able to get an Elephant and become a member of the Herd!

Fund Distribution


to charity

15% of the Songbird tokens will be given to a carefully selected partnering project that provides protection or cares for African Wildlife. Organisation will be announced soon!


set aside for delegation

10% of the Songbird tokens will be set aside for delegating, and rewards will be compounded. Every 3 months a charity project that is chosen by The Songbird Pride community will recieve the amount of rewards from delegating.


to the artist


to the foundation

These funds will go to the foundation for further development and expenses to grow and develop The Songbird Pride Project.


  • June 2022 - Discord up

  • June 2022 - Website finished

  • June 2022 - Art for the first collection, Proud & Strong, finished

  • June - July 2022 - Announce partner project

  • Before end July 2022 - First collection mint

  • July - August 2022 - Start setting aside funds for delegating and for charity

  • July - August 2022 - Art for the second collection

  • August 2022 - First charity event

  • August - September 2022 - Mint for the second collection, Powerful beings

  • October 2022 - Second charity event

  • September - October 2022 - Art for the third collection

  • November - December 2022 - Mint for the third collection, The Final Charge

  • January 2023 - Third charity event

  • February 2023 - Launch the brand "TSP" to other markets

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